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Theme for a Neo-Thatcherite World, Classical version: Albinoni’s Adagio in Gm May 1, 2013

Posted by larry (Hobbes) in Culture, economics, Music as Metaphor.
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This version was posted on youtube by José Manuel Rosón. The beautiful photos belie the music’s underlying pathos and despair, and to this end it is essential that the tempo makes the piece last around 12 minutes, essential in order to achieve the composer’s funereal effect.  This version is by Karajan (in his middle period I think). I realize that Karajan was a member of the Hitler Jugend. But a number of us agonized over this for a long time before deciding that Karajan was more of a narcissistic opportunist than a Nazi. Besides, the Berlin Phil is a great orchestra.

Enjoy, if that is the right term.

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