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I am a philosopher and social scientist/psychologist with interests in logic and statistical analysis in the context of the nature of science taken in a quite broad way.  I consider econonomics to be a social science and therefore to have little in common, other than vague generalities, with physics and chemistry, which are natural sciences.  A natural science that has some affinities with economics is the field of ecology, both theoretical and applied.  Though these similarities should not be pushed too hard.  For, though both ecology and economics engage in mathematical modeling, they carry out this kind of work in rather distinct and incompatible ways.

I love film, especially those with complicated plots and clever dialogue.  Recently, The Killing and currently, Spiral are essential viewing.  But Have I Got News For You is probably my favorite program of all.  I would dearly love to be on the panel, or even host it, one day.

I’m an insatiable reader, whether fiction or nonfiction, though my interests are not those of an omnium gatherum.  My favorite musical performing artists are Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Sissel, The Beatles, The Band MkI, along with a host of others.  Being able to compose well is important but clever lyrics must integrate well with the compositions; whether the performance is a cover or based on original material.

I guess the thing that bothers me most is social injustice, although I don’t become as apoplectic as I used to.  The world we all live in is riddled with injustices, many of them serious.  And too little is being done to redress this imbalance, even though a few speak out.

I can be reached via email at: zen143717 (at) zen (dot) co (dot) uk.


1. Senexx - June 15, 2011

Can you be reached by any other method?

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