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A new twist in the Assange case February 10, 2011

Posted by larry (Hobbes) in Abuse of power, Justice.

It now appears that rumors that had been circulating about the two women in the Assange rape case, to the effect that they had conspired to accuse Assange of rape for purposes of revenge and financial remuneration.  The Swedish authorities led by a right-wing prosecutor have recent “located” email between the two women that substantiate the rumors.  However, the same Swedish authorities have yet to allow a British court to see this evidence and still insist that the UK extradite him to Sweden, from where he may be extradited to the US where he will probably be tried for espionage, although they have allowed Assange’s lawyer to see the material while refusing to allow him to copy it.

Now allowing the material out of Sweden means that the information can not be presented to a British court.  It seems more than reasonable that if Sweden wish the British court system to extradite Assange to Sweden, it would behoove them to follow British law.  That they are quite clearly not doing this and, moreover, are refusing to have anyone show up in the UK to testify on their behalf suggests a hidden agenda on their part, whatever it might be.

Here is Assange speaking after his court appearance yesterday.


He is in court again tomorrow, Friday, 11 February.

After some remarks by Assange, his lawyer challenged Marianne Ny, the Swedish prosecutor, to come and be cross-examined by Geoffrey Robertson QC.  For those unfamiliar with the British legal system, legal representation is comprised of two parts, solicitors and barristers.  The latter argue the case in the Crown court while solicitors carry out other legal representation of their clients.  Robertson is well-known for his stand on human rights.  I doubt that Ny or her case would look very substantial once Robertson got his hooks into her on the stand. Perhaps she and her colleagues think this as well.

Here is a brief comment on the “new evidence” from the Independent.



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